Chang' E
Since ancient times, when the East was still a chaotic realm often visited by two ships ofRa, an entity in the sky was gradually formed. At first it was just a gentle Mytheria crystal circling the Earth, and then over millions of years, that wondrous rock gradually absorbed the billowing Mytherian currents flowing through the universe to turn into the Moon.
And then, beyond the gods' expectations, from the dark side of the Moon, a goddess appeared. Chang' E tenderly submits to the court of the Eastern Gods on one condition only: She must be protected for frail humanity from sickness, disease, and dangerous calamities. Chang' E's natural talent for magic potion has led her to create magic pills, and her entourage - the cute moon rabbits - will take turns distributing this gift to the world. every Mid-Autumn Festival. And then, in the era of hero creation, there will be individuals with special qualities who can absorb the meager but quintessential Mytheria in Chang' E's moon cakes and set foot in the realm of the gods.
The Moon creates tides. So, will the waves embraced by Chang' E bring good omen or calamity?
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