The Egyptians often respectfully prayed to Anubis before their peaceful final journeys, but they forgot that it was Seth who embraced chaos. The child of the Earth and the Sky who holds the power of deserts, storms, and terrifyings such as waning moons, solar and lunar eclipses, and is also a lover of unleashing wrath on humanity. Like the other gods of the God Realm of the Sand, Seth bowed to the almighty Ra, but he himself always wondered if his strength was inferior? And then, Seth challenged Ra to a riot: He slayed Horus in a scuffle to take over the kingdom of ancient Egypt under the glorious sun of the venerable god. But Ra, of course, was not pleased with this action. He allowed Horus to resurrect and made the pact of two gods: Horus and Seth had to challenge each other to a regatta, where they once raced in a boat made of stone. Horus and he agreed, and the race began. But Horus had an advantage: his boat was made of wood painted to look like stone, rather than real stone. While Set's boat, made of heavy stone, sank. Horus then won the race, and Seth was forced to withdraw and officially hand over the throne of Egypt to Horus.
After the New Kingdom was formed, Seth was still considered the ruler of the desert, and among the vast sand dunes, the god of chaos waited patiently… for the day when the sun goes out, then no one can protect Horus from the desert storm again.
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