Perhaps no one in the Greek pantheon loved humanity more than Heracles - cause half of his blood belonged to human kind. People remember him with 12 glorious labors, a few jealous people gossip about him killing his wife and children years ago. But, absolutely no one knows the truth of that incident - when Heracles was brainwashed and manipulated by an evil Mytheria crystal.
Waking up from his own nightmare, successfully atone for his sins, yet Heracles never stops worrying about the past. The beloved demigod of the Greeks laid his hand on the holy shield of Aspis and swore to his honor, that he would always extend his arms to protect mankind from any calamity, war, or divine wrath. At the request of the goddess Athena, Heracles abandoned his beloved village and city to head to Olympus with a supreme mission: Stop the war of the gods - which would turn him directly become the enemy of the almighty Ares.
But, Heracles lost his fear many years ago. Man makes war, and man will eliminate war as well.
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