While the heavens are divided by the powerful barriers of the gods, there are no borders in the depths of the sea. Poseidon had repeatedly noticed strange creatures appearing and disappearing in his oceans, and then one day he discovered his beloved Kraken had disappeared.
Deliberately stepping into other deeps, Poseidon was surprised to find that his pet had begun to associate with dragons. The four mighty dragons bowed to Poseidon, respecting the overwhelming power of the sea king's trident, and sharing with him millions of pieces of knowledge of the mysterious ocean. It was also from here that Poseidon first learned about the powerful crystal scattered in the eastern seas - which led the Kraken to leave the abyss.
For centuries, Poseidon had quietly absorbed the powerful energy of Mytheria and associated more with the dragons of the East. And then, in just one day, the barrier between the worlds was broken. When Mount Olympus declares war on the world, the king of the seas will have to make his decision… and, Poseidon has the answer to Zeus' summons. The sinister and deep ocean will have its own decisions.
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