As fate reserved his supreme position of Mount Olympus, Zeus proudly contemplated his Realm for thousands and thousands of years, enjoying the absolute obedience of both mankind and the Greek gods. But, not for a moment did the Lord of Olympus feel at ease: He worried that one day the 12 rebellious Titans would be liberated from Tartarus; he also fear that Atlas will realize his true strength and let the sky fall in the land of the gods. Zeus himself was always afraid of his comrades - the other 5 of the 6 Traitors Dynasty, who had stood side by side with him in the battle to overthrow Kronos. Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia and Demeter - from his days as Zeus' alliance had become a thorn in his eye, and Zeus knew what he needed to possess to cement his eternal power.
Zeus needs more power.
Guided by Metix - Goddess of Caution and Wisdom - Zeus used the thunder, lightning of the Cyclops to tear apart the sky and peer into other distant galaxies. He saw many new Gods, secretly scouting them only to realize: There are other sources of infinite power lying out there somewhere - something that very soon Zeus will know as the name: "Mytheria" Zeus knew that this would be the ultimate weapon for him to consolidate power, and he needed to capture it as much as possible.
In the name of Mount Olympus, Zeus's warlike self has arrived. The Lord of Olympus will step out of his God Realm to join a new battle.
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