The thunder beast of Valhalla, the war god of the Nordic world, the conquest hammer of Odin Allfather - Thor has countless titles that have been accumulated through thousands of wars. Legend has it that when the giant Hrungnir came to cause trouble at the Valhalla, all the gods had to give in to the sheer power flowing through the veins of this magical being. Even the goddess Freya had to pour wine for the giant for 9 days and 9 nights to buy time, waiting for Thor to return from the battlefield.
The giant finally lost patience. Drunk by Freya's wine, Hrungnir began smashing, defeating a series of gods and demanding that the roof of the Valhalla palace be removed as a trophy. At that moment, the hammer Mjolnir flew in and defeated the ferocious giant with one blow. The impulse from the attack caused the roof of Valhalla to be broken, and from the brilliant aura of the heavens, Thor descended with the air of a divine warrior.
Leaving the giant unconscious, Thor announced that Valhalla would no longer be the final destination of the immortal warriors. Thor's every word was filled with tremendous energy, and he claimed that the Odin Allfather had shown Thor a new path that had no limits. With Mjolnir in hand, Thor summoned a brilliant Bifrost - the war god of the Nordic world who summoned all the warriors to enter a new war - the hunger battle for Mytheria and more.
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