Kitchen's God
As the messenger of heaven, Kitchen God humbly serves heaven by hiding in the kitchen of each mortal family and listening to the thoughts and aspirations of each person. Although they are only low-level gods, but Kitchen God is loved by the people of the world and holds an annual ceremony to welcome the family on every Lunar New Year occasion. Each Kitchen God is said to have special talents and a very respectable memory, as evidenced by all the good and bad deeds that each person does in a year will always be remembered by the Kitchen God. The more good deeds you do, the fatter your family's Kitchen God will be and vice versa, if your family's Kitchen God is small and thin then… bro… you live like that?
Normally, you can't see Kitchen God. There is a lost rumor that if you see Kitchen God, you will die instantly. In fact, the task of the Taoists is to find outstanding individuals with a talent for Mytheria cultivate and bring them across the border of the human realm to heaven. So, if you see a small stranger hiding in the corner of your kitchen, then carefully step back and say goodbye to your family, because it could be a Kitchen God on a mission.
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