Ong Ba Muoi
Legend has it that in the high mountains of the South, there existed a tribe of hunters so skilled and elite, that some warlords and even the king himself often had to hire them to hunt powerful monsters which are beyond imagination. That tribe lived in seclusion, in the deep forest, often only going out to receive missions and discreetly returning home, making rumors about them more and more mysterious.
And then one day, the whole tribe disappeared.
As a matter of fact, the monster rampage returned when the hunter was no longer active. Terrified by the destructive power of the demon, the villages and cities sent a delegation of messengers to the residence of the hunter tribe to ask for help. When they reached the hunter's village, a scene occurred that terrified everyone: The whole village was filled with the corpses of the most elite hunters, and sitting on the pile of corpses was a monster with blood red fur.
In a blink of an eye, the entire group was murdered. The only lucky one who escaped back to the capital recounted that the monster was originally a white tiger, but the blood of the victims killed by it seeped into that fur day after day until each hair turns blood red. The monster could have easily killed the last survivor, but it spared his life.
"Go back and tell your gods and kings..." - The red tiger growled, and before the terrified eyes of the survivor, the corpses suddenly moved back to life and mutated into animals. They suddenly translated for the tiger. “…that Ong Ba Muoi has returned.”
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