Saint Gióng
The most powerful god of war in history was not born of gods, he chose for himself how to descend. Legend has it that when the North was aggressive and warlike attacked the South, the ancient king of the small southern nation sent a prayer to heaven, asking the Creator to give the Van Lang people a mighty guardian.
Even before the almighty gods heard the king's plea, his strong will met a powerful Mytherian crystal that resided in the distant mountains. A commoner woman was conceived by that Mytheria crystal and gave birth to a boy. The boy grew up as fast as the blink of an eye, and as soon as the enemy threatened Van Lang's border, he had grown up to become a tall warrior riding an iron horse.
Facing the mighty mages and armies of the North, the warrior held out until his steel rod broke in two. Until now, heaven would answer the king's plea. A stream of brilliant Mytherian energy flowed down to the earth, turning into a tall bamboo bush right before the warrior's eyes. He also plucked the bamboo bush and used it to crush the enemy, then calmly returned to heaven.
His enemies see him as a nightmare, and those protected by him worship him as a saint. Saint Giong, remember the name of that one man army who will walk across the world to wipe out evil and injustice.
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