Son Tinh
Holding the soul of the mountains and forests, Son Tinh protects crops, rich land and prosperous agriculture. However, no one forgets that Son Tinh is also the most powerful war god in the history of the Southern gods, especially when his feat is repeated every year.
The story goes that when Son Tinh fell in love with a mortal princess, he soon found himself engaged in an erotic race with another god. Favored by both the princess and the king, Son Tinh easily won a challenge to marry the love of her life.
But, the other god did not give up easily. It wasn't until that god showed his strength that Son Tinh realized he also carried a terrible Mytherian energy source, helping him summon disasters and use the deep as the deadliest weapon. Floods flooded into every city and village, but under the command of Son Tinh, the land kept rising higher and higher until it became a towering mountain, invincible against the waves of indignation.
Unable to forget the feud, the god still returns every year to challenge Son Tinh, and then fails to return again. Thanks to his merits, Son Tinh was exalted as one of the Four Immortals, forever becoming the most reliable protector of the Southern God Realm.
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