Thuy Tinh
Thuy Tinh - the god of the sea was born with unlimited power in his hands, but he soon knew all he had was only half of everything. Even the abundant Mytherian energy of the deep could not satisfy Thuy Tinh, and until he knew about the earth with other fresh Mytherian energies, Thuy Tinh immediately set off.
But, Thuy Tinh's ambition was temporarily distracted by a mortal princess. Forgetting the task of conquering the ground, Thuy Tinh fell in love and embarked on an unequal challenge with another god from high mountains and deep forests and then failed miserably.
Returning to the ocean, Mercury's anger did not lessen over time. Even the gods do bad things in the name of love, and Thuy Tinh has more than one reason to keep conquering the earth. And so he summoned his army of seas and calamities ready to invade the earth. What Thuy Tinh does not have… will also belong to the fierce waves.
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