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Wikitheria is the place you can find everything you need to know about the world of Mytheria.
A world where Gods from different cultures combat for honor and glory.
A war takes place that shakes the entire universe, causing Gods of different civilizations and heroes to clash with each other. In such a world full of chaos, where Zeus can shake hands with Odin, Heracles side by side with Thor, Wukong engages Ares on the battlefield, anything can happen. You have the power to build alliances between gods and heroes to firn an invincible squad and create new Gods with unimaginable powers.
The idea of a mythical world, where all the gods and heroes from different cultures coexist, burgeoned when Le Manh Cuong, our founder work for famous game studios (Marvel and Dota 2). With the knowledge and experience in the game industry, our founder created the very first sketches for Mytheria in a small studio back in 2018.
In the majestic universe of Mytheria, each character is refined and invested in the background story, psychological development, and graphics. The game development team aims to give players a vivid, insightful world with top-notch graphics, a place where anyone can find their own version of the Gods, war that they have longed for.
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