In this article,we would like to introduce a duo-color Custom Deck. A Duo-color Custom Deck shows player's creativity which it creates more diverse battles in the Mytheria world.

Pros and cons of the duo-color custom deck:

Pros (+): A duo-color custom deck converges strong cards of two different colors.+ A duo-color custom deck creates a new style of play, which will make it harder for your opponent to predict your next moves.

Cons (-): You need to accumulate enough Shards to be able to summon cards of each color.

Steps to create a duo-color custom deck:

First, you need to identify the "Main God" and the "Subsidiary God" of this custom deck.

The Main God will often need more accumulated Shards, so the amount Main God's card's color should be dominating in the duo-color custom deck.

You should only prioritize choosing cards that require 2 Shards for the Subsidiary God's card's color. Thus, players can optimize 2 skills of the Subsidiary God as well as ensure the Shards requirements for other summoned cards.

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