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The Purple deck is one of the most straightforward decks to play, which was already designed for everyone to interact primarily with other decks for better understanding.
👀 Let’s analyze this deck.
-Core card: This position belongs to Thuy Tinh. With his ability to “God Slayer X,” Thuy Tinh is a potent card.
  • Support Card: The Aquatics seems to be the most effective support card for Thuy Tinh because of their strong relation to Thuy Tinh’s combination. Besides, God of Passage I is a great and essential supporter of the Core card. He not only can discard 1 card for 1 “Lost Soul” soldier but also harash his enemy.
  • The counter deck of Thuy Tinh is the one with the ability to shield its God. Therefore, you need some counter to minimize the opponent's possibility to swam on us. Some particular examples of effective anti-swam cards include Demon Jelly Fish or Outrage.
  • However, in a card game, you can’t just use only the Core card to win. That’s why these cards should appear that lead you to the victory:
  • Psychic Master is a mighty card because of its ability to shuffle the enemy’s formation. With it, you can force soldiers like the Nurture to face to face with your mighty Thuy Tinh and win easily.
  • Hammerhand Shark is a very dominant card of the purple deck. Every time taking the hit, it will get receive two temporary attacks. When combined with cards including puffer fish, God of Passage I, and Blood for knowledge, Hammerhand Shark would have nine damages. It’s a massive number that no Gods can take it. Besides, Hammerhand Shark's ability to Overrun would retain its damage points, so this is an advantage of the card that you should utilize. Unfortunately, bad news for the fans of the purple deck: in the official version, this card will be changed to green).
  • The rest will depend on your usage of different scenarios, times, and matches. There will be many more things waiting for you to discover! Get ready for fun, Mysterians!
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