Hey Mytherians, Welcome to Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons Monthly Dev Log. This August and September mark a series of events and of course, our dev team is working at full capacity to have tons of new features and planning to have significant improvements and bugs fixed. Letโ€™s remind ourselves all achievements that Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons has accomplished in the past month:


  • Bugs fixed: Mytheriaโ€™s dev team is working on fixing some serious bugs such as: the disconnection issues, towerโ€™s health error, wrong cards effects. These problems should be solved shortly and will be fixed when the next version is released.

  • UX/UI improvements: As always, Mytheriaโ€™s User Experience and User Interface are being developed constantly to be as optimized as possible.

  • Card Updates and Developments: 93 cards have been updated and hundreds of cards developed to create a better gaming balance.


  • Wikitheria updated on Gitbook:

Now, letโ€™s take a look at what our dev team is working on, and will soon update on the next version:


  • Player's ELO index: If you are a newbie without a lot of experience, donโ€™t worry. Our new matching mechanism based on ELO index would find a player equivalent to your level.

  • New Cards frame: Donโ€™t forget that Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons owns some diverse collection of arts, including cards frames. New frames are more attractive and valuable for gaming experience.

  • PVE features: This is very good news. Player vs environment (bots) is suitable for players to practice or try out some cards/decks. New players can also take time to get used to all the cards with effects and strategies. Furthermore, there would be campaigns that challenge players to improve their levels. Therefore, players could have a diverse gaming experience. In PVE mode, you can freely level up and practice skills. So, if you don't want to be disturbed by other players, this PVE mode is for you.

  • Log in with Facebook/Google: Logging in will be a lot easier through these common platforms.


  • Lunar Mid-autunm Festival (7-16 Sept): NFT (rare zodiac card) and Myra rewards for TOP8 best competitors. Read here:

  • NightClub Final Tournament (from 17 Sept): For the first time, there will be a knockout tournament in Mytheria. This is The Final of the Nightclub Tournaments series of events where the 16 best players (ticket owners) from all around the world will complete their excellent skills and intelligence in order to get into the TOP 16, and finally, the ultimate winner

  • Dare you! Mini-event (from 16 Sept): TOP16 warriors get challenged by viewers, winners get rewards.

  • Winners Voting mini-event (from 16 Sept): Viewers have an opportunity to predict the winner and receive rewards.

We are also working on fixing all existing in-game bugs. If you detect any bug while playing, kindly report it to our community admins here:

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