Actions taken in a turn

The player can take the following actions during his turn in any order and can repeat as he wishes until he is unable or unwilling to take any more actions.

  • Playing cards: The player plays a card that satisfies all the conditions (Mortals/Spells in hand or God from God Deck). Manas will be deducted accordingly.

  • Get Shard โ€“ one Shard per round only: Consumes 1 mana to take 1 Shard. Players can check the number of unused Shards in Shard section next to the Main Deck. Only 1 new Shard is taken per round.

  • Let God card absorb Shards: Select a Shard from Shard section and drag it to the God card on the Battleground. God will immediately absorb this Shard, increasing the number of Shards displayed in the card. The corresponding skills will be unlocked and activated once God absorbs enough Shards.

  • Moving cards: Change the positions of the cards on the Battleground by dragging and dropping. When player drags and drops a card on another card, the two cards swap places. If a card is moved to another spot but on the same lane, it doesn't enter the "Tired state", but if a card is moved to the other lane, that card becomes โ€œtiredโ€ (shown dark). Also, Cards in "Tired state" cannot be moved to a different position.

  • Skill activation: 2 types of skills can be activated in a God card: "Active skills" and "Ultimate skills". Symbols of these skills are displayed in each God card. To activate a skill, a player needs to tap and activate the skill. "Active skills" can only be activated once per turn. Only 1 โ€œUltimate skillโ€ can be activated through the whole game. Gods in "Tired state" cannot activate any skill.

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Example 1 round

  • The sequence of each round is: Start- Player A - Player B - Battle - End

    • First, each player draws 1 card and gains mana of that round, up to 6 manas. (one mana in round 1, two manas in round 2, and so onโ€ฆ.)

    • ROUND START skills are performed.

    • After that, both players take turns to arrange the positions of cards on Battleground.

  • Player A: PREPARE STARTS. Play A can summon God or Mortals, change card positions, cast Spell cards on allies or enemies, collect Shards, and let God absorb Shards. Then player A presses โ€œPassโ€. PREPARE END skills are performed. Then it's player B's turn.

  • Player B: Take the same actions that Play A can do. Press โ€œPassโ€.

  • Combat: COMBAT STARTS. Gods and Mortals fight the nearest enemies in the following order:

    1. The selected attack direction.

    2. In the first lane, two cards next to the border attack the nearest target. (the target is a Tower if there is no card in front).

    3. The cards behind continue to fight each other. After the fight, cards fall into โ€œTired stateโ€.

    4. The fights in other lanes continue after the fights in the first lane end.

  • At the end of each round, โ€œtiredโ€ cards will be ready to fight. The skills/spells at the end of the round take effect.

  • The excessive manas are not accumulated to the next round. The next round starts with Player B.

Watch our Tutorial Trailers here in Youtube



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