Game Overview:

Mytheria is a turn-based card game, two players play in each game. One player is randomly chosen to be the first to cast/summon in the first round. The player who goes first will see the "You Go First" signal. In the next round, the order is reversed, the first player becomes the second player, so on and so forth.

  • Before the first round, both players start by: Withdrawing 1 God card from the tray -This action is mana-free (no mana is deducted).

  • Then, at the start of the first round and rounds after it, until the end of the match, both players: Automatically draw cards on hand and get manas corresponding to the round (1 mana in the 1st round, 2 manas in the 2nd round, and so on)

  • Each player can perform unlimited actions including playing cards, changing card positions on the battleground, getting Shards, letting God absorb Shard, activating God's skills until they are ready to end the turn and press the "Pass" button. Then it is the turn of the next player to do the same.

  • Each player's turn is given x seconds, and when there are 10 seconds left, a LetterZoomIn signal appears to remind the player that his turn is ending soon.

  • When the 2nd player presses "Pass", god and mortals on both sides begin the clash. Mortal and Spell Cards will attack the nearest enemy in a straight line (enemy in front of the same line). Battle order is from left to right (at the playerโ€™s point of view). There are 03 Towers on each playerโ€™s side, whoever runs out of HP in 2 out of 3 towers loses.

  • The end of the battle means the end of the round. The two players will change the order of their turns to play first and the above steps repeat.

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