If you are a fan of duo-color mixed decks then this article is for you.

In the early matches, you may be surprised or find it difficult to play this Deck. But after about 10 matches, you will probably find this deck quite interesting.


By possessing this deck you will have an aggressive playing style.

First of all, remember to put the JiangShiMaster card in the 1st row and Thuy Tinh right behind it in the 2nd row. This arrangement is especially beneficial for Thuy Tinhโ€™s 2nd Skill: Revenge. Basically in that round, Thuy Tinh hit twice. Furthermore, after death, JiangShiMaster creates an additional card at that exact location, providing Thuy Tinh another layer of shield.

In this deck, you need to gather many Mortals - Aquatic cards of both blue and purple.

At the beginning of each match, the accumulation of 2 shards on the God of Nurture will be more advantageous for you. Then add Shard to Thuy Tinh. If the starting cards in your hand are purple, you can stack the Shard on Thuy Tinh to suit the next turns.

Psychic Master is an extremely powerful card when it is possible to shuffle the enemy's formation with his skills, imagine how cards like God of Nurture have to confront Thuy Tinh directly?


Because of the aggressive play style, this Deck will be quite difficult when encountering the deck of Hades II or Zeus. Hades II and Zeus have the ability to hide from the land to avoid direct confrontation between God and God.

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