This is a duo-color custom deck that is being chosen by many gamer in the Beta 2 version of Game Mytheria.

With the ability of healing, the God of Nurture play with other healing card, increase damage. That brings preparation end for Red deck: ARES passive skill FIGHT ME! leads to an outcome ARES will be transformed into an immortal gladiator with incredible attack power.

You already know that ARES has a passive that permanently increases the damage dealt every time an opponent is defeated. This skill is limited by the amount of ARES health will be lost after each fight with an opponent. With the God of Nurture, the weakness of this skill has almost been overcome.

Opponents usually won't want to summon minions early in the lane with Ares to counter Ares' permanent damage increase passive. But with the Green card "Rune of Strength", this plan is close to an end. ARES can change lands and can instantly attack your opponent's minions with this card's Ready ability. Changing land and then attacking creates the flexibility of this Red-Green Custom Deck.

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