This is the amount of damage that the enemy card will take once being attacked. If ATK is greater than your opponent's remaining HP, your opponent's card is destroyed.


  • The amount of HP 1 Card/Tower can take from your opponent's ATK. When this number is equal to or below 0, that Card/Tower is destroyed.

  • During the battle, the ATK of the clashing cards is subtracted from the HP of your opponent's card simultaneously.


  • Energy to summon cards or use Spell cards.

  • In each turn, the player will receive a number of Manas according to the order of the round, maximum of 6 Manas.

  • Each God card, Mortal, and Spell requires a certain number of manas (top left corner of the card) to be summoned from the hand to the Battleground. Players cannot summon cards that require more manas than available.

  • There will be signals to distinguish which cards can be summoned with the available manas.


  • 1 Mana can be exchanged for 1 Shard in each round. Shards are used to harness the power of Gods.

  • Gods can absorb more than 1 Shard accumulated from the previous round (unused Shards).

  • God's special skills are automatically unlocked when the required number of Shards is reached. Some skills need to be activated.

  • The Mortal/Spell cards in the Main Deck also need a required number of Shards to be summoned with the condition that God of the same color in the Battleground must have absorbed the required number of Shards.


  • There are 3 Towers on each side, each Tower has 15 HP. Two side Towers, one center Tower. Whoever damages 2/3 of the opponent's Towers first immediately wins the game.

  • When the Tower of a lane is broken, the excessive damage on that lane will hit the center Towel.


  • Each card has 1 or more unique skills. These skills affect the game by creating an advantage for the player and a disadvantage for the opponent. These skills only take effect when summoned to the Battleground.

  • Skills can increase HP, increase ATK, deduct HP, deduct ATK temporarily or permanently, make damages, summon more Mortals, etc.

  • Skills usually come with a word that indicates when the skill is activated. If the skill doesn't have a timing word, it's a passive skill and stays in effect until the card possessing the skill leaves the Battleground. Particularly Spell cards always have an immediate effect when summoned and do not appear on the field. Words indicating the use time of skills includes:

    • Summon: This skill is only activated at the time the card is played, taking one-time and immediate effect.

    • Killed: This skill is activated at the time the card is defeated, has an effect once, and immediately

    • ROUND STARTS: Takes effect at the start of a new round

    • ROUND ENDS: Has an effect at the round endpoint.

    • PREPARE STARTS: Takes effect at the start of the card owner's turn.

    • PREPARE ENDS: Takes effect at the end of the card owner's turn.

    • COMBAT START: Takes effect at the start of the battle step

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