The ancient Egyptians witnessed these two ships turn by turn taking over the sky: the Morning Boat Mandjet and the Evening Ship Mesektet. One goes West at night and the next morning, the other reappears in the East, giving warmth and life to the land of Egypt for thousands of years, forming a brilliant samsara of light.
Those two ships are the Obelisk of Ra - the Ancient god holding the absolute power of the Egyptian God Realm. His wings cover the sky, his Sun disc has illuminated thousands of worlds since ancient times, and it was Ra who first saw through other God Realms. On his two ships, Ra has made endless adventures, watching thousands of other gods plunge into an endless battle to find the ultimate power called “Mytheria”. Humble yet arrogant, Ra kept the Egyptian Gods out of these conflicts - he had no reason to go to war when Ra himself was the embodiment of primordial divine energy. To Ra, the otherworldly gods were nothing more than a bunch of hungry and lowly wild animals that always cowered before the brightest fire: Ra's Sun.
But, will the Sun come to an end, when the great power of Ra has been watched by the other gods and men?
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