Envy, greed and hatred create war. War cannot be extinguished, war cannot be stopped, and war grows stronger. The second son of Zeus was given an enviable position on Mount Olympus, but it was humanity that burned so fiercely that kept the god's power at its peak.
Ares was the first in Olympus to realize the existence of other god realms. Of course, war has no borders, and on the other hand, war erases borders. With a blood-red spear in his hand, Ares has borrowed the form of countless warriors from every realm of the gods, delving into the gods' darkest secrets before realizing: It all comes from the pure power called Mytheria.
But contrary to his father, Ares chose to bury the secret of this power crystal. What fun would it be, if one individual could take over all of Mytheria and become absolutely overwhelming? Ares charged into the battle of Zeus with one goal in mind: To keep the balance between all the Pantheons, so that the battle of the gods would last forever.
“The pleasure of the battlefield makes a man. And a god makes the battlefield.” - Ares.
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