Twilight of the Gods will eventually mark, and Odin - more than anyone - understands this. As the leader of the Norse gods, Odin has spared no effort to uphold absolute justice in the Nine Realms - despite having waged more wars and atrocities than anyone. Trusting no one but Thor and Loki, Odin secretly sent them through the brilliant light of Bifrost to conquer the other God Realms to build a new Nine Realms that no longer burdened the curse of annihilation. Over 90,000 worlds destroyed, but all to ashes before the thunder of Thor and the hooves of the Valkyrie warriors, there was nowhere for Odin to take possession and re-establish his new God Realm.
And then, after thousands of years, Odin found the answer in his own Realm, again. The long battle with the Jotuns had finally come to an end, the Aesir gods had completely eliminated the ferocious giants. The last mages of the Jotun tribe could not stand Odin's barbaric torture and revealed information about the Mytheria - the pure energy that governs the power of gods and creatures throughout the world. Odin realized that not only in his Nine Realms but other realms were also overflowing with the powerful vitality of the Mytheria. Without that energy, anywhere would become a dead land, and Thor's conquests so far have yielded nothing because of that. And so, the supreme god decided to bring the seeds of the Yggdrasil tree to other gods to usurp the last drop of the Mytheria to strengthen his eternal power - which could help him keep the Nine Realms. instead of watching it fade away after Ragnarok.
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