Pantheon: Greek
Rising above chaos and war, the gods of ancient Greece indulged themselves in glory for millions of years. The age of heroes comes and goes, people begin to lose their dignity - and when faith is gone
The Greek Gods knew that, and they wanted to bring back the age of heroes. Gods interacted with humans, and demigods were born. Endless battles, glorious feats gradually brought new faith to the ancient Greeks. The gods were pleased with the mundane poetry in their honor, except for one - the lord of Olympus, Zeus. He knew that power would come and go, and to maintain his power, Zeus needed more divine power… both inside and outside of his Pantheon.
And then, whatever happens has to happen. When the barrier covering ancient Greece was torn by Zeus' thunderbolt, for the first time, he felt the ancient power flowing violently. In search of what has come to be known as "Mytheria", Zeus is ready to put aside the fragile peace of ancient Greece and bring his gods into new battles.
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