Pantheon: Norse
The Norse believed that when the Viking warriors died, their souls would be welcomed in eternal Valhalla by the Valkyries, and there they would revel for eternity. What actually happens after life turns out to be sweeter for the warriors: They will leave everything behind to be reborn and join Odin Allfather's army of conquering the whole Nine Realms.
After the battle with the Jotun giants ended, Odin discovered the secret of the ancient world. He was overwhelmed by the Sun god of the endless desert, envious of the power of the Eastern mythical beasts, and yearned to steal the thunder of the West to boil the barbarian warrior's blood in his veins. So, Odin extracted the seeds of Yggdrasil and began his plan: a plan to extend the roots of the eternum tree to every corner of all the other Pantheon.
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